7 Documentaries That Inspire Veganism

In my experience, it’s a common case that many who chose the vegan lifestyle have been educated by inspiring documentaries that reveal the truths behind mankind’s love for food. Some of these films have changed the minds of society so intensely that they have made the choice to switch over to a plant-based only diet. By shedding the light on many controversial subjects, documentaries such as Food, Inc and Supersize Me have become the most popular form of education for those of us interested in animal rights and veganism. My personal favorite, Forks Over Knives has been a source of inspiration for many vegan celebrity role models as well as other animal rights activists. So here is a short list of just seven of the many inspiring documentaires that could change your life. If you haven’t already you should check them out!

7 Documentaries That Could Change Your Life:


vegan documentariesFood, Inc.

Director: Robert Kenner

Released: 2008

The film examines corporate food production, shedding light on some of the must inhumane and environmentally unsustainable practices prevalent in the industry. Invitations were sent but ignored by several larger food companies, several of which responded with their own websites to fight the claims after the film was released.




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Food Matters

Directors: James Colquhoun and Carlo Ledesma

Released: 2008

The film examines the lack of nutrition and potential cancer-causing substances in food and their correlation to other diseases, such as diabetes and depression. It claims that it is a conspiracy by the medical profession and pharmaceutical industries to improve profits.




vegan dietsForks Over Knives

Director: Lee Fulkerson

Released: 2001

The film links many of our aliments directly to our consumption of meat. It concludes by saying we can not only reduce the number of illnesses, but reverse the current damage to our health by eating whole and vegan foods.




vegan dietsVegucated

Director: Marisa Miller Wolfson

Released: 2011

One of the more comical vegan documentaries, three New Yorker’s agree to be vegans for six weeks. As they become convinced it is the right thing to do, they face challenges that make it difficult to maintain. Refreshingly funny look at what it means to be a vegan.




vegan dietsSupersize Me

Director: Morgan Spurlock

Released: 2004

One of the first mainstream food documentaries, Supersize Me follows Morgan as he chose to eat McDonald’s food for 30 days. At the end, Morgan has noticeable problems caused by the lack of nutrition in the food. He gained almost 25 lbs and his cholesterol level rose to 230.




vegan dietsThe Ethics of What We Eat

Peter Singer Lecture

Released: 2007

This lecture by Professor Peter Singer’s in 2007 ties how human existence has evolved into considering food in terms of ethics. It looks at the different eating styles, including vegetarian and vegan.


vegan dietsEarthlings

Director: Shaun Monson

Released 2005

Going beyond just the food industry, this film uses hidden cameras to watch human interaction with animals, from pets and entertainment to food and scientific research. Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, he once expressed that it was the most influential film he has done, as it generates more discussion than any of this other films.



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