Bringing You a Unique Therapy Experience

We’re Joan and Jane, the Therapy Twins.

We help people create a sense of peace and love within themselves because what is inside of you is the movie of your life.

The Therapy Twins facing each other


Develop and enhance your sense of compassion. Forgiveness and tolerance are your two superpowers. We all have a past, thick with shame and regret. So forgive yourself, and everybody else.


Deepen your sense of humility. You need to realize once and for all it’s more important to be happy than to be right. Let go of control and stop trying to manage other people.


Expand your self-awareness. Everyone needs to own their behavior, their shortcomings, their struggles. Everyone is interested in change. But the only thing that needs to change is you.

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It’s All About Humor and Heart

As twins, we know each other better than most people know themselves.

Part of our intimate connection is a sense of humor that’s become our secret sauce in helping ourselves, each other, and everybody else live happier lives. When we make people laugh, we disarm them. We open their hearts. Once they’re smiling, we can help them see their shadows and pain, but with compassion and love. Then they’re ready for change.

One thing we know is that the heart sends more signals to the brain than the brain sends back. Yet so few experts in self-care or mental health focus on healing the heart. When we make decisions with the heart, our best human behavior flows forth. We are empathetic and kind. We are healing.

With our Therapy Twin humor, we nudge people to divulge their feelings and fears.

We gently move them off their “position” and open them up to a new way of thinking. With caring and warmth, we help them grow.

We think life is meant to be fun. We should be grinning from ear to ear, loving ourselves and the people around us, lending a helping hand whenever possible, and spreading joy wherever we can.

With love and laughter,
Joan & Jane